My presentation is going to be about how simple changes in the world effect the overall outcome of situations for the future which is known as the butterfly effect.


My PechaKucha

In my PechaKucha I am going to be addressing the “Disneyfication” of the mermaid myth and how Sailor Twain succeeds in portraying the mermaid as both a seductress and an evil force, something that has more to do with what mermaids were originally about.


PechaKucha Proposals

By noon on Monday, November 4th, please post on our class blog what you will be doing your PechaKucha presentation on. This information should include not only what graphic narrative you’ve read, but what you will be focusing on in particular so we don’t have too much overlap. This only needs to be a sentence or two.

Please choose PECHAKUCHA PROPOSALS as the category and sign off with some kind of identifying information so we can quickly address overlaps as a class.






Demillitarized zone(dmz on the ground)

Everyday is indeed 9/11.The story DMZ on the ground is very thrilling and it is more of a story about a boy Matthew Roth who in his quest to pursue his internship as a journal lands in a world he could only imagine and see on TV.  He finds Zee, a health practitioner and an empowered feminism in the story who had survived war, even through the bombings, shootings killings and all violence in the story. She looks very wild on my side of view.He attempts to go back home and zee promises to help him but his survival also depends on his identity as the press and through the process of gathering stories and information,he looses this identity. What can he do now? Find his survival weapon or he would die through the violence he is facing in reality.The story tends to give us a wide imagination of how our society will be like, should war or violence occur. Imagining how things will be like while reading the book reminds me of a piece i read ” blood in your eye” by Warren Ellis on why we need violent fictions.Warren Ellis states.”You can’t ignore a tumor If you do, then it quickly becomes too late to do anything at all about it…” Yes it is true we have to deal with these tumors of which one is violence and i believe dmz on the ground is a way in which brian wood is dealing with violence and how it influences our thoughts.http://dmzthecomic.com/post/4709128434/volume-01-on-the-ground-interview. I n this interview, Brian wood highlights how he finalizes ” on the ground as the title of the first arch and other significant comprehension about the story.Brian wood uses dmz to depict to us the war zone of new york,thus Manhattan and how things used to be like during those times and even if it should happen now.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jneFSkYhchg; this site gives a video on a review made on the story DMZ. by mary


Why violent stories should be considered

I find the idea of why violent stories are needed in society interesting and agreeable in the case of Warren Ellis article “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” In society there are things that we refuse to believe in it, we isolate our selves in that situation and pretend it doesn’t exist. If we don’t expose our selves to certain things, how do we get the idea on how the world works? It’s like bulling, it’s an act of violence amongst children which can lead to death. If we educate our kids on violence and expose them to it, they get a better understanding on what you say or do can lead to violence. A lot of parents didn’t want to believe that their children was exposed to violence in the school whether they were the bully or the bullied. As a nation we need to educate our selves and the next generation on violence and the effects it can lead. According to Ellis, he describes people who decadergorize violence as “other” and says, “The Other is revealed as a damaged or alienated human, and we learn something about the roots of violence and the traps of horror”. I found this statement deeply analytical to what exposere can give to a person. He then adds, “we generally demonize violent acts and violent work,” which is true because violence is something that we as people consider threatening like how bully is consider a threat because it has to do with an act of violence on somebody else. If Ellis concept of violent stories were taken in consideration, maybe we’d be more educated rather than isolated towards it and in the words of Ellis,maybe “… we need a little blood in our eyes to see some things more clearly.”

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” Vulture. New York Media. 14 August 2013. Web. 3 October 2013.

-Jasmine Sanchez


Ellis response-Blood in Your Eye Maggie Cruz

Violence has been an issue in the world for many years.Warren Ellis(2013) article “Blood in your eye”  states that “The most horrible things in the world,the real cancers of our society, have to be interrogated”. He believes that violence in the world should be explored to understand it and have an open mind on what goes on in the community. I agree and disagree with his statement.

I believe violence is an issue that should be explored to the world freely.As the writer of the article explains exploring it can give the world insight on the nature of violence that occurs.I also agree,If humans lived in a world in which they had no idea of what was happening around them it would disable them to protect them selves from a violent situation . It would also motivate people who are violent to continue acting in violent ways because no one will pay attention to the issue as Ellis(2013) explains.Ellis(2013) states in his article “Fiction is how we study and defang our monster.To lock violent fiction away, or to close our eyes to it, is to give our monsters and our fears richer hunting grounds”. His statement about the exploration of violence can help the public in many ways in understanding and having an open out look on violence in the world.With out the exploration of violence i agree with Ellis that people will be naive to violent acts that occur.

With the many issues and ideas violent movies and video games have given people through out the years,i believe that the exploration of violence should be limited. Although it is important for the world to understand what violence is and what occurs when violent situations happen,i believe that to much exploration can also effect the world. As Ellis(2013) states “Just a day ago,as part of an interview session,I was asked how i would feel if the story were used by someone in the real world as a manual for murder and body removal”. Ellis(2013) statement refers to one of his written novels “called Dead pig collector”. I agree with the statement that was made in his interview.I believe people often use fiction horrors,video games or novels for ideas of violence because it may add excitement and thrill which may in courage violent acts.In addition, i agree it is important for the society to explore the nature of violence but i also believe that the level of the exploration should be limited .

Ellis,Warren.Blood in Your Eye:Why We Need Violent Stories”. Vulture.New York media,14 august 2013.web.3 October 2013


Response to “Blood in your Eye: Why we need Violent Stories.”

I have always thought that the more you are exposed to something the less of a shock value it will have on you and it wouldn’t be such a big deal when discussed publicly so in terms of openness to topics I agree with Warren Ellis in his article “Blood in your eye: Why we need Violent Stories.”

Ellis argues that “We learn about things by looking at them and then talking about them, together.” This is true, we are exposed to war on the news all the time as well as death and violence, As he says “And yet it’s fine for our television news providers … to hammer us with this crap and then insist that it must be witnessed .” So why is it that because it is in a book, comic, or video game make any difference? the answer is because we have become accustomed to seeing or discussing these type of things in the real life. This means that it can be done for fictional violence as well. the more we are exposed to fictional violence the less of a reaction it . The more we speak openly about violence the less taboo the topic would be. I feel that people with a bigger social stand point should take a bigger stand in this which is also why I agree with Ellis when he say “That, right there, is the problem, as I see it.” about Jim Carrey refusing to promote his film Kick-Ass 2, due to violence. If Carrey were to speak on the topic of violence and how fictional violence could help improve or reaction to violence in general and in turn less the amount to violence in society we would be bettering ourselves as people but instead we stand at a stand still where people refuse to speak on fictional violence.


Ellis Warren “Blood in your eye: Why we need violent stories” vulture New York Media, 14 August 2013. Web 5 October 2013


-Lauren Randazzo