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Is Violent stories necessary?

The world that we are living today is full of action and violence. A lot of people did terrible things in their life because they are not perfect. Human have committed murder and mayhem for many hears. There’s no place in the world where you don’t find actions that hurt people and destroy things. Is it necessary for an author or an artist to put violent stories in a book? “Blood in eye: Why we need violent stories” is a compelling article by Warren Ellis. In this document the author focused on how violence can affect any stories. I definitely agreed with Ellis cause, if the Britain government decided to ban violent story in books it will make no sense and the reader will not be able to read the story seriously. According to the article, Ellis claimed that “Every week seems to bring a new attempt to ban something or other because it’s uncomfortably or scary or perhaps even indefensibly disgusting.” This mean that the fact that violence make some people uncomfortable , they will react ,traumatize and think about it every day. The last time I want to Facebook, a friend of mine post a horrifying video that really shocked me. A Mexican man decapitated his wife because she cheated on him. It wasn’t phony or scripted because it was recorded on a cell phone. After I watched this appalling video, I said to myself that people need to be aware of what is going on in the world. The more you know abut violent story , you became less sensitive. Reading violent stories can really affected other human. Warren wrote a book call”Dead pig collector”which is mostly about serial killer. When Ellis went to an interview ,someone in the audience asked him : “how would he feel if the story were used by someone in the real world as a manual for murder and body removal.” In this quote, I totally understood what the person is talking about. A victim that witnessed violence is different that the one who did not experience it. Of course the inexperience person will feel distraught when she or he visualized the terrifying scenes. In that case , it is was really important to add a little bit of violence because of the title. It won’t make any sense to read about serial killer if Ellis don’t give any specific details of violence. In the other hand, Jim Carry wasn’t happy to participate in the new movie kick-Ass 2. According to the article , Ellis claimed that:”Jim Carrey is refusing to promote his latest film, Kick-Ass 2, following a change of heart in which he cannot support that level of violence”. At this point, I’m disagreeing with Carry because without violence the movie will be definitely boring. After I read DMZ , I would imagine how it will look like in a movie. When you compared this novel to the World War 2, we can visualize the cruelty of the nazi when they assassinated a million of Jew. The point is that , people that don’t acknowledge violence during ,will think that the war wasn’t serious. So we see how it is very important for the author to use violence in stories. I know it’s kind of harsh because people get influence by it ,but there’s no good reason to ban violence in books.

Ellis Warren “Blood in your eye:Why we need violent stories” vulture New York Media, 14 August 2013. Web 3 October 2013

Frantz Fils Metellus

My opinion on DMZ

DMZ” is one of the greatest comic book I read so far. The story is very intense and suspenseful. I’ve never thought that the author Brian Wood would make the main character Matty Roth so brave and smart. The story mostly focused on a civil war in Manhattan where has become a demilitarized zone. Most of the skyscrapers have been destroy , Central Park don’t exist anymore and people are poor and refused to leave the city . Some survivors still lived and struggled to get a better live in the city. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to survive in this town because there’s a lot of snipers that are patrolling the area. There were tons of scenes that really shocked me especially when they keep bombing the entire city. After finishing the book, I asked myself a lot of questions and also visualized the document in a real life. I can say that this book is pretty real. I like the fact that they demonstrated the violence because it makes the reader more serious about the story. A lots of people get injured and kill by the snipers. It makes realize that the city is not safe at all. My point is what would they send a photojournalist to get information on the civilians in Manhattan? This character is very lucky to see the real world and how people are living during the second civil war.

Frantz Metellus

Ex Machina : The Great Machine

Ex Machina is a compelling science fiction that is really hard to understand. To be honest, I read this comic twice in order to get the sense of the story. The only thing that really help me get a better comprehension is the flashback and the facial expressions of the characters. In the beginning, I perceived that the protagonist know as Mitchell Hundred was very disheartening after the 9/11 event because he failed the first first plane from destroying the other skyscraper. Mitchell was very terrifying , upset and decide to retire to became a new mayor of New York City. This is why it is very complicated to understand this comic novel .First of all he was a super-hero that controlled any kind of machines and devices and second, he became the mayor of the city by helping the civilians with his political solutions. The reason why his life is very complex because when he was a hero , the commissioner Angotti thought that the great machine was not a hero but a vigilante that also hurt innocent people. Other scene like the snowplow driver who was assassinated and the offensive exhibit in the museum, got me really confused until I got some specific details to open my mind. In my opinion, I think Mitchell Hundred used to have some personal problem with black people. There was this part when Mitchell memorized his childhood about his mother getting raped and killed by a black guy. As Mitchell grew older, he found the murderer, tortured and inadvertently insulted him with the word NIGGER. To be honest, I think it’s a fascinated story and it will be even better if they give more details about the killer know as the young kid and the appalling museums.

Frantz Metellus