My Pecha Kucha Presentation

My pecha kucha presentation will be on the effects of mermaids singing.


Can Violence Help Us ?

Many blame violent fiction, which varies between violent graphic novels, movies, or video games, to be the reason why so much violence is going on in the world. At first, I used to agree that violent fiction can influence people and give them ideas of violent acts, but now I agree with an author named Warren Ellis and his view on violent fiction. Warren Ellis has an argument that violence happens but hiding it will not solve the problem, but it will cause a problem of ignorance towards things that happen in the real world.

Warren Ellis, author of Dead Pig Collector and other graphic novels that feature violence, did an article named “Blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent Stories”. He says in the article “…violent fiction is essential for helping us understand real world horrors and de fang society’s monsters”. What he is saying is violent fiction shows us things that we may not want to see but it opens our eyes to things that can happen in the real world that sometimes the media tries to cover up. He says “I can watch footage of Sammy Yatim being shot, but my government doesn’t think I should watch violent films…And yet it’s fine for our television news providers…to hammer us with this crap and then insist that it must be witnessed — but that no one can or should ever hope to understand it.”

Ellis also said “They are Other, and they didn’t come from us, and we’re just going to stand over there and shake our heads sadly. And, moreover, anyone who gets closer to it in order to experience or understand it must be a freak.” What he is saying is when someone does a violent act, or even people who are interested in violence is different from everyone else and should be put to shame. This is not what we should do, some people need to look more into things to understand and that’s what violent fiction can do for us. So instead of trying to band violent fiction just keep it out to the public so people can learn and understand it.

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– Michelene J.

Thoughts on Ex Machina: The Great Machine

When I first laid my eyes on Ex Machina, I figured since its a comic about a superhero it should be interesting. Mostly what I found to be interesting in this comic would be the amazing powers Mitchell Hundred had gotten. I found it pretty cool and useful that he can control electronic devices and things around him. I would have to say Ex Machina was quite confusing at parts. I found myself reading pages over to understand what I had just read a little better. There are still some parts I am confused with such as why would a teenager murder two snowplow drivers. All the statements Hundred said about Kremlin being the criminal made much more sense to me than a teenager. What I would love to know is what had stopped Hundred from continuing to be the Great Machine?! I was hoping for a few clues in this volume of the comic but not much came to mind. My only guess would be maybe he witnessed a death or lost someone very close to him. To me, this comic was ok, I’m not saying I didn’t completely enjoy this comic because there were some parts where I would find myself smiling towards a funny comment a character would say, my only problem was I was confused a lot ! If I continue to read more issues of this comic maybe my questions and confusion would be cleared up there.

– Michelene J.

Happily Never After: Beauty and The Beast

The perspective we have on fairytales  in Fables is not our ordinary happily ever after love story. As kids we expect all of our fairytales to have happy endings, this is not the case in Fables. As we read along the comic many of our childhood memories has been shown to be false. Such as the relationship between Snow White and the Prince, Beauty and The Beast, and Cinderella and the Prince. One relationship that really stood out was the Beauty and The Beast, due to the fact that most of us know Beauty was madly in love with The Beast no matter his appearance. She promised to live with him forever and to truly love him. In Fables, this was not all shown to be true. The Beauty and The Beast were facing many complicated problems within their relationship that made Beauty upset. By her being upset, it causes Beast to transform back, this sends him back to the Woodlands and kicks him out of New York City where he resides with Beauty. This exemplifies that the truth behind happily ever after does not exist due to the fact that she promised to stay with him, to love him, and live with him forever but she is ready to give up on their relationship and send him back to the Woodlands to become a beast.

-Elom A. , Michelene J.