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my presentation will be about the violence in The Couriers


Prince Charming not so Charming

ENG 101 0767

Prince Charming is portrayed in the original fairy tales as a gentlemen, hunk and a ladies man. But in Fables Legends in Exile, he is a man whore, who manipulates women and treats them like trash and whores.  When we were first introduced to Prince Charming we saw him being a gentlemen, to get things his way with the waitress, Molly. Molly later takes him home where they do nasty things to each other.  Prince Charming takes advantage of her after he manipulated her into paying his bill at the Gottfried’s Steak House where she works at.  He is being conceited and bragging about his cocksmanship. After he is finished with having a one night stand with her, he does what every New Yorker would do, and just left her after handling his business. Prince Charming displayed the actions of a manipulative guy by leaving a note in molly’s house, asking her for “favors” when he is really just trying to use her. In page 30 he states in the note, ” I helped myself to your spare apartment key and some money from your purse. I didn’t want to wake you to ask.”  In the real world men are not really gentlemen like we expect them to be, they are snobs who expect things to be done for them.


From: Carla Herrera,  Eduardo Reynoso