Weekly Bitstrips


After reading Adeline Koh’s ProfHacker post on Bitstrips, I thought it would be an excellent addition to this course.

Every week, you’ll post a short comic responding to each week’s readings and discussions. Bitstrips are due every Monday. You get four “weeks off” from Bitstrips throughout the semester: this means you must have a total of SEVEN Bitstrips throughout the course of the semester. If you do not post them weekly on the Monday schedule, they will not count: you cannot post all 7 the last Monday of the semester!

If you have experience with drawing and art and want to do your weekly comic responses by hand, that is also an option – but you will still need to make them available on the blog by scanning or taking a good-quality picture of them.

1. Go to bitstrips.com/pageone. Create a username, password, and avatar. The account is free. Remember that you can leave your comics public or private. We will talk later about how you can incorporate each others’ avatars into your strips.

2. Click on “Comic” under “Create,” and get started! The best way to get started with Bitstrips is to play with it. You can choose backgrounds, props, and move avatars around, etc.

3. Effective comics will convey the context (what were you responding to?) and ideas with no more than minimal captions.

4. After you save your strip, you can share it on our WordPress blog. Go to the “Comics” section in the dashboard, and add a new comic. Give it a title.

5. Either a.) saving the image and load it to our media library, then add media and choose your comic strip, OR b.) cut and paste the bitstrips link for your comic strip. For example, the url for the comic above is http://bitstrips.com/r/NQWT9. To make this link work through our WordPress site, I have to click on the link button at the top of the post and add the url into the pop-up window.


7. Give your comic at least a couple tags to summarize the content.

8. PUBLISH your final product.


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