Responding to WATCHMEN – the movie adaptation

As voted on by the class, this response will also serve as a final exam.

You have to read one of the following articles (your choice!) on the movie adaptation of Watchmen.

Your final exam question will be based on whichever article you chose to read. The final exam will be 600-words and open-book (you may bring in notes, the graphic novel, and the article), and will be graded using this final exam rubric. You must directly quote the article at least twice, and make at least three references to the movie and/or novel in your answer.

On Tuesday, December 3rd, you will turn in whatever you complete during the class time for the exam. I will provide you with three or four “global” comments on how to improve the draft. You will receive these comments at the start of the Edit-a-thon on Thursday, December 5th. The Edit-a-thon is your only opportunity to turn in revisions: whatever draft I have at the close of class on December 5 is the writing I will grade using the rubric above.


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