Rotating Groups & Class Wiki


Group 1
0767: Elom, Mary, Jonathan, Alejandra, Curtis, Maggie, Jaqueline

Group 2
0767: Paula, Luis G., Stacey, Shaniqua, Jose, Carla, Michelene

Group 3
0767: Katy, Selena, Tyler, Ho Chun, Alejandro, Frantz, Bryan

Group 4
0767: Luis P., Lauren, Fatima, Adrian, Marilyn, Eduardo, Alexander, Jasmine

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For this weekly response assignment, I’m adapting Mark Sample’s group assignment from his graphic novel class at George Mason University.

The class will be divided into 4 groups:

FIRST READERS: This group will be responsible for posting their initial thoughts, insights, and questions to the week’s reading by Monday night (unless otherwise stated in the schedule). These 250 word responses should not be summaries or plot descriptions, but more in-depth analysis or more pointed questions about the graphic narrative. Post your individual responses on our class blog.

RESPONDENTS: This group will be responsible for asking further questions, agreeing/expanding upon, or disagreeing with the initial readers in the comments section of the post they are responding to. Second responders can also bring up conversations from class in their responses. These 250 word responses are due Wednesday night (unless otherwise stated in the schedule) on our class blog.

RESEARCHERS: Using our course wiki, this group will create a list of resources (scholarly and not) around each reading. These resources could be webcomics, podcasts, interviews, articles, etc. Each student is responsible for one resource and a 200 word posting summarizing their findings and the utility of the source, or any problems it might present. These postings are due by class time each Tuesday (unless otherwise stated in the schedule). Please note that you will be sharing the Wiki space with the other section of ENG 101 also working on graphic narratives, so there will be even more resources for you all to draw from.

If you post after the deadline, you will not receive credit for this assignment.

Did you notice that there are only three groups listed above, and I mentioned four groups total? One group each week will have a “bye week” and get some time off from responding. You are still expected to visit the resources and read the conversations on our blog.

Here is the rubric I will use to grade your blog posts and source contributions:

3  = Excellent: Blog entry remains on topic, uses examples from the text to support the author’s questions or analysis, and the author connects his/her resource or response to the graphic narrative. All the ideas and questions posted are inter-connected as well. The student does a deeper reading of the text.

2 =  Good: Blog entry remains mostly focused, with some ideas that don’t quite speak to the main task at hand. The student uses examples from the text to support his/her response or questions.

1 = Limited: Student simply summarizes the text or source being presented. Student does no further analysis of the text/source. There is little engagement with the text.

0 = No credit: The post does not meet the require word count, repeats earlier comments, and/or shows no engagement with the source/text whatsoever.


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