Paper 1: FABLES & EX MACHINA comparison

FABLE_NEW_EDITION_CoverFor this paper, you’ll be comparing some aspect of  Fables Volume 1: Legends in Exile and Ex Machina Volume 1: The First Hundred Days. In class on Thursday, September 26th, we will discuss various points of comparison. This is your first formal paper for class and we’ll work through the process  of developing a thesis, creating an outline, and expanding your ideas into a paper. This will be a close textual analysis of the comics, so you will not necessarily need any outside sources. You should, however, bring both copies of your comics to class on Thursday 9.26 and Tuesday 10.1.

The rubric for this 600 word paper is HERE. The first draft is due on Tuesday, October 1, the final draft is due  on Dropbox  by class time on Thursday, October 3.2500_400x600

YOU MUST PRINT AND BRING AT LEAST TWO COPIES OF YOUR PAPER for class on Tuesday, October 1st, as we will be doing peer review that day.


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