For ENG101, you must complete tasks that fulfill the following core competencies: Critical Literacy, Research & Information Literacy, Oral Communication, and Technological Literacy.

FABLE_NEW_EDITION_CoverOur written work and presentations will fulfill the first three competencies. Our use of blogs, Wikis, and digital drawing materials (Bitstrips & Comic Life) will demonstrate your technological literacy.

In ENG 101 you must write 6 papers, as per the department guidelines: a diagnostic, a midterm exam, a final exam, and three other research-based papers. In addition to the in-class exams above, you’ll be doing a comparative analysis of Fables and Ex Machina (paper 1), a response to Watchmen (paper 2), and a research paper on your chosen graphic novel (Sailor TwainThe Couriers, or Strange Attractors). All requirements, word counts, deadlines, etc. will be posted on the appropriate assignment page.twain-cov-300rgb


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