Demillitarized zone(dmz on the ground)

Everyday is indeed 9/11.The story DMZ on the ground is very thrilling and it is more of a story about a boy Matthew Roth who in his quest to pursue his internship as a journal lands in a world he could only imagine and see on TV.  He finds Zee, a health practitioner and an empowered feminism in the story who had survived war, even through the bombings, shootings killings and all violence in the story. She looks very wild on my side of view.He attempts to go back home and zee promises to help him but his survival also depends on his identity as the press and through the process of gathering stories and information,he looses this identity. What can he do now? Find his survival weapon or he would die through the violence he is facing in reality.The story tends to give us a wide imagination of how our society will be like, should war or violence occur. Imagining how things will be like while reading the book reminds me of a piece i read ” blood in your eye” by Warren Ellis on why we need violent fictions.Warren Ellis states.”You can’t ignore a tumor If you do, then it quickly becomes too late to do anything at all about it…” Yes it is true we have to deal with these tumors of which one is violence and i believe dmz on the ground is a way in which brian wood is dealing with violence and how it influences our thoughts. I n this interview, Brian wood highlights how he finalizes ” on the ground as the title of the first arch and other significant comprehension about the story.Brian wood uses dmz to depict to us the war zone of new york,thus Manhattan and how things used to be like during those times and even if it should happen now.; this site gives a video on a review made on the story DMZ. by mary


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