Why violent stories should be considered

I find the idea of why violent stories are needed in society interesting and agreeable in the case of Warren Ellis article “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” In society there are things that we refuse to believe in it, we isolate our selves in that situation and pretend it doesn’t exist. If we don’t expose our selves to certain things, how do we get the idea on how the world works? It’s like bulling, it’s an act of violence amongst children which can lead to death. If we educate our kids on violence and expose them to it, they get a better understanding on what you say or do can lead to violence. A lot of parents didn’t want to believe that their children was exposed to violence in the school whether they were the bully or the bullied. As a nation we need to educate our selves and the next generation on violence and the effects it can lead. According to Ellis, he describes people who decadergorize violence as “other” and says, “The Other is revealed as a damaged or alienated human, and we learn something about the roots of violence and the traps of horror”. I found this statement deeply analytical to what exposere can give to a person. He then adds, “we generally demonize violent acts and violent work,” which is true because violence is something that we as people consider threatening like how bully is consider a threat because it has to do with an act of violence on somebody else. If Ellis concept of violent stories were taken in consideration, maybe we’d be more educated rather than isolated towards it and in the words of Ellis,maybe “… we need a little blood in our eyes to see some things more clearly.”

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” Vulture. New York Media. 14 August 2013. Web. 3 October 2013.

-Jasmine Sanchez


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