Violence in Stories and the Real World

I originally disagreed with Warren Ellis’s own explanation of  “Why we need Violent Stories.” However, after reading the article at least three times I took sides with Ellis due to realizing that we do need violent stories and no, not to learn how to kill but to learn from them. People that disagree would Ellis would probably say we’re just making America worst. However, if you don’t use violence in stories, it won’t be realistic. Let’s face it, violence exists and there’s nothing we can do to change that so we shouldn’t be trapped in a bubble trying to make it seem like violence will just go away.

In the article, Ellis says ” violent fiction is essential for helping us understand real-world horrors and de-fang society’s monsters,” I agree with this a thousand percent. If we didn’t have any
violence in our stories, we wouldn’t be able to understand real-world horrors like he says and to explain them to children instead of trying to seize its existence. He also states in the article that Jim Carrey doesn’t support his latest film because “he cannot support that level of violence” and I find this just flat out stupid. I just don’t understand what Jim Carrey is trying to prove by not supporting his own film because if it was really a problem he wouldn’t have been part of a movie like that to begin with. I have seen both Kick Ass movies and to be honest there’s worst movies out there and this type of movie is known as a comedy and action not only violence.

Ellis also states in the article that he was asked “How would I feel if the story were used by someone in the real world as a manual for murder and body removal” which is a pretty straight forward question but the interviewer who asked him this was over analyzing in my opinion. If people just completely got rid of violence in stories, the stories wouldn’t be real and reflect the world we live in. People fail to forget that a lot of authors write about what happens in the “real world” and putting a ban to this would just make things a lot worse. Therefore, violence needs to be explained in stories to not make it seem we live in some sort of fake world and to also teach children about what goes on out there.

Works Cited:

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Stacey Gonzalez


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