Violent stories

    According to the article by Warren Ellis, I disagree with the idea of having violent stories because I believe that violent shouldn’t be too much expose on fiction. violent should not be in fiction stories because in some stories that use violent expose too much bloody and murder scene. In the article, Ellis states that “violent fiction is essential for helping us understand and real-world horrors and de-fang society’s monsters.” i disagree with this statement because you don’t need violent fiction in order to understand it. Many times when violent is expose in movies, many young kids see violent as a normal thing in the world that makes they believe that it fine to do an violent act. however, violent should be understood as an act that you shouldn’t do out for revenge or anger. Many of the violent act in fiction are done because they want revenge or they are angry. So, in the real world, young kids practice the act of violent in a way to get revenge or an act of anger. According to Ellis, he says that many people states “ I don’t understand why he did it or I don’t understand why this happened.” I think people says these statement because they are not understand from where the violent act is coming from. People are not realize that the act of violent come from getting revenge or someone being angry at the other person. Most of violent movies doesn’t show the reason why someone is practicing the act of violent, it just show how to respond with the act of violent. For example, in the novelette Ellis had wrote, he says that it “about a person who kills other people and efficiently gets rid of their corpses.” People may see this act as something normal and it can happen any given time, but expose the person act of violent doesn’t give a full understand of the reason of why he is practicing violent. It might show ways how to respond to things in life. Many young kids believe to respond problem in the real world is practicing the act of violent because the act of violent it show in fiction stories and it shown as normal way to do things.

Ellis, Warren. “blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent Stories.” Vulture. New York Media, 14

         August 2013. web. 3 October 2013

-Marilyn Reyes


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