DMZ respondent

The character Zee, in Brian Woods’ DMZ, has been discussed as to being under developed. We concluded that this was so because these issues are intended to want you to keep reading. Even so we can at least try and understand her role in all this plot through the first volume. Initially she is introduced violently like most of the people Matt has met. After treating his head, Zee reveals that she use to be a med student along their way to his extraction point. I thought it was very weird how she escorted Matt even though she did not know him you would expect New York to be a free for all. As I read more in this chapter I found out this is not always the case. There are people in the city, out only for themselves like certain Americans and New Yorkers we meet. Amongst this selfishness and killing and disunity we have this character Zee. Matt calls her “The human face of the war. She willingly helps out Matt, a stranger, and she willingly went in the line of fire in order to help out an american soldier. Zee contrasts all the violence and serves to be the hope of New York. Though her background is not explained in this volume, we are able to see her helpfulness and compassion for others under the pressures of being in a war-zone. – alexander romero


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