Blood in Your Eye Thoughts

In the article “Blood In The Eyes: Why We Need Violent Stories, Warren Ellis talks about his opinion on why violence in books is needed. Ellis states that “I can watch footage of Sammy Yatim being shot, but my government doesn’t think I should watch violent films..”. i agree with what Ellis is stating because  i find it hypocritical by the government to promote actual violence when they saying no to fictional violence. This is certainly send a more negative effect towards people than books or films because the government is streaming footage of  an individual getting shot on television where everyone can access it including children.  Ellis makes the claim that “Difficult topics must be engaged with, and in the way that fiction invites us to engage but numbing news-porn deliberately does not…The news doesn’t want us to think, only to react, like plants”. i believe that when i comes to fiction, its an escape from the real world as it keeps us in a right state of mind only for entertainment. The new gives us a story without any type of background information just to make us have mixed emotions about what they are telling us. Ellis argues as it relates to the previous quote introduced ” You can’t ignore a tumor. If you do, then it quickly becomes too late to do anything at all about it and you’re nothing but a skinful of the stuff”. I feel as if he saying that, if you ignore what is going on then it will consume you and make you do something unimaginable. I think what what ellis was trying to say is that when people experience in  violence in books and movies. It becomes an escape from reality which would tend to keep you in a right frame of mind.

Work Cited

Ellis, Warren “Blood in your eye: Why we need violent stories”    Vulture. New York Media                                            14  August 2013.    Web. 3 October 2013 


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