A point of view on Warren’s arguement

I totally agree to Warren’s argument on why we need violence stories in our societies. In one point or the other,violence and its chaos nature whether it being from an individual, a group or even the government its self has its negative effects which does not affect only those who cause or start it but it extends its territories to even the innocent ones who never wished it happened It’s obvious the world is in violence and it comes in many forms, such as emotional violence, mental violence and the one we all know physical violence.As said by Warren in his argument that “Here in Britain, our weakling government is attempting to launch a web filter that would somehow erase “violent material” from Internet provision — placing it, by association, in the same category as child pornography” violence has some negative effects on society as pornography would do but that of violence has it in a higher degree because violence is more dangerous than pornography considering the number of people they affect.

Violence must be showed in story books because, myself like some other people some how get a mood stabilization through violence stories. Like a recent book i read full of violence made me imagined how things were going to be like should the violence in that book happen for real in the society which i live in,what would i do? and where would i be?, the violence in that book made me realize how chaos society will be and i don’t think anyone reading this piece would love to live in a society full of chaos and murder. It at least gave me a gist of violence and how it looks like so i would not dare it. According to Warren Ellis, “It’s entirely possible that we need a little blood in our eyes to see some things more clearly”,yes we really need to see a little of violence but should be in fiction so that we would know how dreadful it can be and we would refrain from it,we would never try it when violence and its effects are shown to us.

“You can’t ignore a tumor. If you do, then it quickly becomes too late to do anything at all about it and you’re nothing but a skinful of the stuff”. Warren states again on the need of violence. If we ignore the need of violence in our society,people may be ignorant on violent and be curious on how it would look like, so they will be tempted to start violence just to experience it out of curiosity.This curious nature of others will in turn affect the innocent ones in a negative way.  On another note, violence may arise unexpectedly but with a previous knowledge on violence,its effects and how to stop it will help society try in their possible best to end it but when society have no idea on how violence looks like and its effects that come with it, society finds it difficult on how to end end it,it thereby becomes an ignored tumor which grows out of hand and can never be controlled.

In some point,i don’t agree with Warren because the absence of violence in society will make society assume it never exist so no one will have an idea how it looks like and no one will start it.Like the saying goes “Out of sight is out of mind.”

works cited

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” Vulture. New York media. 14 August,2013. Web. 3 October,2013.



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