Violent Fiction IS Necessary

In my personal opinion violent fiction is totally necessary in today’s society. By violent fiction though, I don’t mean violent video games or things of that nature but books, movies, documentaries and something that can actually open your eyes to whats really going on. Yeah, violent movies aren’t really the best of  movies to put out there, but it all depends on the audience who watches it. If you’re mature enough to understand the concept then good for you, if not then you shouldn’t have watched said movie in the first place. Alienating people just because they ‘watch’ these works and act on it doesn’t mean that they are less human than we are. Ellis states that “We make them Other, and we just distance ourselves. They are Other, and they didn’t come from us, and we’re just going to stand over there and shake our heads sadly.” They are just like us, they just have they’re own problems that they couldn’t deal with and well exploded. People push away and ignore whats really in front of them and they ask why it happened. Even Ellis says “We hear it every time: “I don’t understand.”” it’s like people ignore the facts about how things really happened just to soften the punch of the tragedy. Violent Fiction shouldn’t  be ignored, its important to have these kinds of things around. We need to read about it, even if it is fake, to see why its happening, yet people are so against works of that nature being published. One thing that I agree with Ellis is when he said that “… it’s fine for our television news providers…to hammer us with this crap and then insist that it must be witnessed — but that no one can or should ever hope to understand it.” In my mind, I’m like “why do you want me to watch it but then tell me not to worry about it and go on with my regular life?” I want to understand what’s going on, but the government won’t give us enough insight to really see the real truth. Everything ends up hidden behind lies and secrecy.


Works Cited

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in Your Eye: Why We Need Violent Stories.” Vulture. New York Media, 14 August         2003. Web.  3 October 2013.

-Paula G.


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