Violence and why we don’t need to take it away from our lives.

Honestly at first I disagreed with Warren Ellis the writer of the article “Blood in Your Eye; Why We Need Violet Stories” because I am a strong believer that violent games such as Grand Theft Auto and any other killing “games” that are made for different devices just should not be in the hands of kids. Kids should never be allowed to play these violent games that are not teaching them anything other than violence and teaching them things they would be in serious trouble for if they actually did it and although most adults would not recreate what they have seen in video games kids are too young to actually understand.  I don’t necessarily say we NEED violent stories but I believe the British government shouldn’t have anything to do with filtering the web in order to “erase violent material” as Ellis states.  It is our right to have violent stories or movies in our homes if we want to.  “Every week seems to bring a new attempt to ban something or other because it’s uncomfortably or scary or perhaps even indefensibly disgusting… but it seems to me that we don’t begin to understand something until we talk honestly and directly about it”, says Ellis in his article. Yes people have mental problems and that will never stop it is something you are born with so why would we cut of anything that’s violent because someone decides to go to a school and shoot like a maniac or stab someone just because? Instead of cutting off violence (which will never stop unfortunately) we should address it and find solutions. We should educate our kids and we should talk about violence and see the real reasons behind it instead of hiding in a box and being afraid because people are acting out. Ellis says, “Difficult topics must be engaged with… in the way that fiction invites us to engage but numbing news-porn deliberately does not, because news wants us only to witness and have our buttons pushed.. The news doesn’t want us to think, only to react, like plants”. Instead of just reacting and “standing over there and shaking our heads sadly”, we should actually do something about it. This is the brutal truth of our world and although it is harsh this is the sad truth! Emotions exist and problems become hard to deal with we cannot just react and feel bad and disgusted but instead make more counseling groups or have a meeting on way to express you emotions in different ways. Violence is fictional in books and movies and video games and this is the world we live in so why are we so afraid of fictional things? Yes it is horrifying to say we live in a world where someone would stab their 17 year old son over an ice cream argument but this is LIFE. We cannot run away from problem but fix it.

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– Alejandra Castellon


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