Thoughts On DMZ

As I was reading DMZ, I became so interested page by page. The plot to the comic is what sparked my interest to it. It is a war that is taking place in the middle of New York. While reading it was as if I was envisioning the scenes as if it was a movie. It reminds of a game called call of duty, a war game that happens to be one of my favorite games. I found the art of the book to be amazing. It really gets into detail when it comes to the graphic violence in the book which I found to be great. I did however began to be interested in how this war in New York started. I found it interesting how the comic relates to events that have occurred in real life. In the beginning there was a text that stated “every day is 9/11”. That term didn’t really click to me until I get done reading the first chapter seeing the several crazy events that occurred within seconds of reading. I would love to see what’s in store for the following chapters to come because I normally don’t enjoy reading comics but the plot to this comic has changed my mind and opinion on comics. I commend the author on such a great comic overall from the dialogue which I found entertaining to the way he set each panel which made the comic easy to read and follow. I will definitely be reading more into this comic.


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