People Need Violence to be Ready for the Fututure

In the article “Blood in Your Eye: why we need violent stories” by Warren  Ellis is really interesting topic and really true. We need to watch or read violent stories so we can be ready and realize the future – I agree with Ellis. I think the community is like blind and they are not watching what is going on in the outside they think that every thing is fine. This article make us open our eyes and see that the violent stories are just a narration of the real life. I think the government has part of the fault here because they are closing door for us to see the reality. For example, Ellis said, “Here in Britain, our weakling government is attempting to launch a web filter that would somehow erase “violent material” from internet provision…” I think that why the government have to hide thing to the community, it can easier talk about that and be aware of what could happen in the real life. Also, people say that they don’t understand why horrible thing  can been happen to us however, they don talk about it.  As he states, “But it seems to me that we don’t being to understand something until we talk honestly and directly about it.” I guess if the government or even the news can help and talk and think deeply about this situation, so we can understand and be aware of the outside. Moreover, we always learn from the mistakes but we have to talk about it as Ellis mention, “We learn about things by looking at them and then talking about them, together.”  I think we have to look up, think deep, and talk about what is happen in the world, the huge violence that we are living and and also learn from the violent stories and movies. We need to watch and read violent thing to understand, realize, and open our eyes to the real world.  “It’s entirely possible that we need a little blood in our eyes to see some thing more clearly.” I am completely agree with Warren Ellis with his article because some has to start talking about this and open the community’s ayes to see the reality.

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in your eye: why we need violent stories.” Vulture. New York Media. 14 August 2013. Web. 3 October 2013.

Jaqueline Galindo


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