I agree with Mr.Ellis, that in order to understand violence a person or persons must be exposed too it. I believe the best teacher is actual experience. Mr.Ellis states, “We learn about things by looking at them and then talking about them, together.” For example, at a young age in school you are exposed to sex education to prepare you in the future to make the right decision or to be aware of a possible encounter when engaging or being approached with sexual content. Normally, school age kids shouldn’t be engaging in sexual content but it does happen, so  the department of education was proactive in preparing the children. I believe we as the people should take the same approach when confronting violence.

Violence is being blocked from conversation oppose to debatable. According to Mr. Ellis, “The function of fiction is being lost in the conversation on violence.”In other words the shaping of violence in reality is becoming non existent.  If  we continue to act as if violence isn’t apart of reality, then we will begin to group those that are violent as inhumane. We all have committed violence one way or another. Different types of violence can be verbal, physical or even mental. Mr Ellis argues, “We cannot Other characters when we are seeing the world from the inside of their skulls.” Mr Ellis is saying, you cant pass judgement on someone when you yourself know nothing about it.  Only way to solve the problem or at least grasp the concept of violence is to confront it. Continuing to ignore or acting as if violence doesn’t exist is only hindering our growth as people. Ignorance isn’t as blissful as people tend to portray.

Ellis, Warren. “Blood in Your Eye: Why we Need Violent Stories.” Vulture. New York Media, 14 August 2013. Web. 3 October 2013.


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