War in Manhattan

What would happen if Manhattan became a war zone? What would it be like? I found DMZ volume 1 very interesting in how it portrayed our fair city of Manhattan during a war. One of the main characters, Zee, was a fascinating character. She lived in the city and then adapted and survived through bombings and shootings that occurred during the war. In this comic, they didn’t go into detail about how the war started or any other details so it is hard to tell exactly how things got the way they are. That is the only downfall of reading this, but I assume that that is something learned in other volumes. The way Zee and the other survivors I believe is a pretty accurate depiction of how things would be. We have a natural pack mentality and finding others and creating a new system of survival would be the first thing to happen. And then there was the obvious different groups that were separated and fought each other because humans also are very destructive, even in hard times. And then there was Matty who knew of the war but absolutely no details about it; not even that there were people living and surviving there.

When reading this, I obviously made the connection that this exact thing has happened and is happening in other countries. How they were living and all the death and violence DMZ comic shocked me and I was glad that it isn’t real. But then this IS some people’s reality! Some people don’t have the problems of  worrying about grades or whether someone likes you or not; their problems are more about will they survive the day or will they be able to find a decent meal. Well, in DMZ it seemed they ate very well but I don’t think that that is how it is in war zones. Not that I would know, it is just my assumption. I, personally, would find it very fulfilling being in Matty’s shoes. He is seeing and experiencing things that took him right out of his cushy lifestyle and he is documenting it for the world to see. He understands the importance of this and even though he wishes he could just go home, he decided to stay because he knew it was the right thing to do.


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