How war changes people

DMZ takes us to a city in the midst of a civil war between the Free States and the United States of America and depicts how the people living in New York City (the demilitarized zone) deal with the horrors of it. NYC happens to be right in the middle of the factions of this war in the same way that of strip of land that separates North Korea from South Korea. It’s not very clear what triggered the war but we do know it’s been going on for many years. Our main character, Matthew lands in Manhattan as a part of a Liberty News crew that gets ambushed. He’s not very enthusiastic about going back home and decides to stay. War takes its toll on him gradually. We see him horrified at first and then he grows more and more used to war and its atrocities. We see how the war has transformed other people as well to the degree they end up accepting things that are both horrendous and atrocious as a normal part of their daily lives. Not that they have other choices. This character Zee, for instance, helps people who have been injured as a result of battle. She visits them and takes medical care of them. She’s apparently immune to the horrors. It becomes really evident when we see Matt’s reaction. He immediately gets very nervous to the point he has to leave the room in order to calm himself down. Once he gets more acquainted with the city and its everyday life we see Matt also starts to change. People start to recognize him as the reporter who is working for Liberty News in Manhattan, like a sort of local celebrity. DMZ_-1_page01_panel01


One thought on “How war changes people

  1. Yes, I do agree that the comic DMZ version of New York is a lot like the Civil War. The main character whose name is Matt who is from a free state, always thought that the people from Manhattan were the cause of the war. When he was traveling to lower Manhattan and was shown how Manhattan was destroyed, soon after that he got ambushed with his crew and was left unconscious. After awakening in an apartment unknown to him, he met Zee. She told him that the free state was the one causing the war and not their people. Afterward, Matt promised that he would show who the real victim is, he would take photos of the horror that happened in Manhattan. Once there he saw the horror at his dismay showing the end result of what happened to its children and the society. He withstood a lot of trouble with every part of New York but mostly with the “Free State” he tried to get him back but he refused. The upper state tried to kill him along with the rest lower of New York, but soon after Matt was beginning to be heard as one of the new caster about what is happening between New York and its people.This proves that New York had become a new Civil War and it would lead to a lot of problems especailly to the people who are living there. I agree that this comic has a lot of violence and death.

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