My opinion on DMZ

DMZ” is one of the greatest comic book I read so far. The story is very intense and suspenseful. I’ve never thought that the author Brian Wood would make the main character Matty Roth so brave and smart. The story mostly focused on a civil war in Manhattan where has become a demilitarized zone. Most of the skyscrapers have been destroy , Central Park don’t exist anymore and people are poor and refused to leave the city . Some survivors still lived and struggled to get a better live in the city. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to survive in this town because there’s a lot of snipers that are patrolling the area. There were tons of scenes that really shocked me especially when they keep bombing the entire city. After finishing the book, I asked myself a lot of questions and also visualized the document in a real life. I can say that this book is pretty real. I like the fact that they demonstrated the violence because it makes the reader more serious about the story. A lots of people get injured and kill by the snipers. It makes realize that the city is not safe at all. My point is what would they send a photojournalist to get information on the civilians in Manhattan? This character is very lucky to see the real world and how people are living during the second civil war.

Frantz Metellus


2 thoughts on “My opinion on DMZ

    I agree, the reading of DMZ was an interested reading from the other comic books we had read. From reading this comic book, it show the different between new york city now and when the civil war was around. In this comic book, it show the violent part with very good detail and show very well how they killed their enemies. I agree that many local places that we see today in New York City were ruin or gone. It was great that the author show a boy name Motty that was willing to give at news about the war. i agree that he was a brave boy to go through with what other people living during the civil war was going through. When he was put for a the job, he was category as the assistant, but he goal was to be a news report to the Free State. I also agree that he was a very smart boy. He manage to achieve and find way how to survive during the civil war even though he was afraid at start when he was left behind. I agree that many of the violent act and the color of the drawing made the the scene to look real. One question i also wonder is why the Manhattan is one of the main target to begin a war. I agree that we as New Yorker should think about or consider is New york City is safer enough to be living in.
    -Marilyn Reyes

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    DMZ is a great comic book narrative that depicts New York City as a war zone. The comic shows how war can change a bustling metropolitan city into a catastrophic hellhole where danger can lurk around every corner. The comic shows what a civil war can possibly look like in modern times. What’s left in Manhattan, is crumbling. Indiscriminate violence is carried out by the military and rebel forces. Even children are depicted in the comic to have been caught in the crossfire.
    Despite the violence, humanity is visible. Zee, the main roving nurse in Manhattan, dedicates her time to bringing aid to those who cannot help themselves; either due to burns, injuries, and bodily mutilation. These acts of kindness grant her respect in the city. There is even a sniper, who goes by the name “The King”,who has a relationship with a fellow sniper in New Jersey. The comic seems to show that despite all of the devastation happening in Manhattan, people will still continue on with their own daily routes. War does not necessarily mean the end to routine behavior but it does change the manner in which they are performed.
    If DMZ has one main strength, it would be the amount of detail spend on crafting a convincing story. From the art style to the dialogue, Brian Wood, the author and artist, and Ricardo Burchielli, the second artist, did an amazing job at bringing war to Manhattan. War is ugly and disconcerting as DMZ explicitly depicts.

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