Ex Machina Research

I read a few interviews with Brian K. Vaughan about Ex Machina but one question really stood out to me while I was reading and interview between Vaughan and AV Club. the AV Club interviewer asks When we last spoke to you, Ex Machina had just begun. Did you have a clear sense then of where it was going to end up?” I had been asking myself the same question when I was reading. Did he have a plan with the story line of Ex Machina? or was it more of a creative blurt out  of emotions behind any feelings he had toward 9/11? It was his answer that intrigued me more. He replied “I had a pretty good sense of where it was going to end up, I guess. I knew what Mitchell’s ultimate fate would be, and how he was going to get there…” then it clicked for me. it had to be a bit of both there had to be a bit of emotion behind this story.

(Interview between Vaughan and AVC : Quotes taken from:  http://www.avclub.com/articles/brian-k-vaughan,47783/) 

What I picked up from this is that the reason why Vaughan wrote this comic was to shed a little light on everyone’s point and to give a little bit of hope on the political stand point  crisis.


_Lauren Randazzo (Eng102 0767)


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