Ex Machina – Research

Throughout this comic book, it shows many amazing illustration. Some of these picture are drew by Tom Feister. Tom feister illustrated some of the pictures in Ex Machina. The pictures in this comic are very detail. However, on this site, tom shows many of his work on different comic books. Tom also illustrated many other common comic book, such as Iron Man and The Avengers. Tom had his career off of drawing comic books. Many of these comic book had very good drawing and the picture are very detail as well.  Tom was also interview about his works. Tom also mention that he become interested in drawing comic books by playing with action figure as a little boy. I find it amazing how he want to draw superheros and he also became a superhero as he drew them in many of those comic books. Many people look at his drawing in many of these comic books and make other drawer want to become like him. I have many friends that like to draw and wish to become a great artist someday. But, after reading what Tom Feister when through to get what he want, any other artist could do the some.



-Marilyn Reyes


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