My Personal Opinion on Ex Machina

After completely reading Ex Machina twice, because frankly the first time confused me, I came to my own personal conclusion that it wasn’t as interesting as I thought it would be. The flashing back and forth had me lost the first time I read it, and I never really understood Kremlins role. Was he the father figure or more of a creator? I thought based on the first page with the picture of Mitchell and the plane, that Ex Machina would be more about the 9/11 tragedy than anything else but it was more about random crimes than 9/11 itself. Having to read the comic twice, I’m still fuzzy on how he got to have all these powers, and what the green box is. I found that the whole comic was a bit disorganized and confusing. Especially after reading Fables which I thought was more interesting than Ex Machina, especially since Fables was more organized and clearly stated than Ex Machina. One part of the comic that left me a bit more confused than the rest were the two ‘criminals’. Trista the artist of Abraham Lincoln the Nigger destroys her own painting, and then some young “kid” was the killer of the two drivers? I felt like it should have been the same person and in all honesty I was rooting for Kremlin to be the criminal. Everything that Mitchell and Bradbury stated that basically pinned him to the crimes made sense in my mind so I definitely thought it would be Kremlin. None of this comic made sense to me, I really need someone to explain this whole shenanigan to me further.

-Paula Garzon


One thought on “My Personal Opinion on Ex Machina

  1. First Readers
    I was confused after reading this for the first time because the flashbacks. Not all comic books are going to be easy to read. It had so much details. This comic had history because some events were related to real life events. Which I never keven knew about. It was great how this comic interrupted those events. It was still confusing to understand the flashback but it was nice to see actual places in the book like Cyclone which is in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Bridge. As well as the subway most of us use. I got confused at first why would the artist of her own piece want to throw paint ball and why Kremlin would kill snow plowers. It didn’t make sense until someone confronted them unlike Fables when they were investigating they found new information about Rose Red’s murder. Something that also got me confused is on the first page why would he punish himself if he stopped one plane, he did something incredible. And the fact that he hides his power because he doesn’t know how to use them. This comic was full of action and events especially when th person killing the snow plowers turned the gun on himself pretty graphic he was just a teen. Like I mentioned all comics won’t be easy to read because there will be flashbacks and events it’s a great way to open your mind in a different way rather than reading a book with just words

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