Ex Machina What?

So first and foremost I was tricked into thinking Ex Machina was going to be about what occurred on 9/11. However, this comic was based more on a great machine and different tragedies that took place.  In some parts I was really confused since there a lot of flashbacks and you have to really pay attention to the dates. Mitchell is a very interesting character even thought this comic overall in my opinion wasn’t very interesting. I found out what he meant in the beginning when he says “But real heroes are just a fictional character we create” because in this comic he was a hero to everybody. He doesn’t believe he’s a hero because he couldn’t stop the first plane from attacking on 9/11 but there were also other situations he feels he could have stopped. The ending really confuses me because Kremlin was the accused criminal of killing the drivers and they have the reader thinking he’s a horrible person but then it switches up. Throughout this comic I was very confused and the one question I have is if Mitchell saved more people lives while he was the great machine why didn’t he stick with that “hero?”



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