Ex Machina : The Great Machine

Ex Machina is a compelling science fiction that is really hard to understand. To be honest, I read this comic twice in order to get the sense of the story. The only thing that really help me get a better comprehension is the flashback and the facial expressions of the characters. In the beginning, I perceived that the protagonist know as Mitchell Hundred was very disheartening after the 9/11 event because he failed the first first plane from destroying the other skyscraper. Mitchell was very terrifying , upset and decide to retire to became a new mayor of New York City. This is why it is very complicated to understand this comic novel .First of all he was a super-hero that controlled any kind of machines and devices and second, he became the mayor of the city by helping the civilians with his political solutions. The reason why his life is very complex because when he was a hero , the commissioner Angotti thought that the great machine was not a hero but a vigilante that also hurt innocent people. Other scene like the snowplow driver who was assassinated and the offensive exhibit in the museum, got me really confused until I got some specific details to open my mind. In my opinion, I think Mitchell Hundred used to have some personal problem with black people. There was this part when Mitchell memorized his childhood about his mother getting raped and killed by a black guy. As Mitchell grew older, he found the murderer, tortured and inadvertently insulted him with the word NIGGER. To be honest, I think it’s a fascinated story and it will be even better if they give more details about the killer know as the young kid and the appalling museums.

Frantz Metellus


One thought on “Ex Machina : The Great Machine

  1. Although I find the artwork really fascinating, the storyline of Ex Machina does indeed get somewhat confusing, maybe due to the fact that this is just an excerpt of the full story. The additional subplots, such as the one with the painting with the racial slur help us see how Mitchell, our main character, responds to situations of crisis but overall they didn’t seem to make much sense in the context of the main story. Maybe (and here I’m speculating), this is what his time in office was like consistently. He solves many crises sometimes by chance, sometimes with the help of others and all points to the one time when he has to solve a crisis on his own, with HIS OWN resources. If that were the case, all those subplots would serve a purpose in a way. But we’re not given a glimpse of the greater picture on volume 1. According to its definition, “Deus Ex Machina” is an ancient Greek theater resource by which a seemingly unresolvable problem is all of a sudden and abruptly resolved with the deliberate and unexpected intervention of some event, character or object. Mitchell Hundred is has been the god from the machine in an occasion that marked the lives of all Newyorkers… all Americans, and that has landed him a job as the mayor of New York. But earlier events and present events contrast very much with that god from the machine we’ve seen on 9/11. Earlier events show him as trying hard to be a superhero and not really getting the full grasp of it. Present events show him not very much in control and getting the credit for solving crisis that in reality others get to solve.
    The story so far shows us he’s doesn’t quite have what it takes to continue to be that god coming unexpectedly and abruptly to resolve situations. Of course he hasn’t come across an unresolvable one yet…

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