Ex Machina – Researcher

On an interview i read about with Brian Vaughan talks about why Brian came up with the idea of Ex Machina. During the interview many questions were asked about Brian’s comics he’s comics are considered must read superhero books,  but aside from them all i payed closer attention to Ex Machina and why he came up with this idea. He states that he came up with this idea because he likes telling stories about realistic events that occurred through out the years. Ex Machina was based on the day of 9/11.  He created Ex machina on the day of 9/11 because he says. “I was living in Brooklyn at the time with my then-girlfriend/now-wife, and we watched the towers fall from the rooftop of our building. You feel particularly impotent as a writer at that time, especially as a comic book writer, and you want to respond in some way….” Basically, the way Brian responded was telling the story in a fictional way in his comic book. Brian also stated how ” especially the way we are looking for our leaders to be heroes.” he also asks himself ” Is there really such a thing as a hero, or is that just a fiction we create…” in his interview Brian says that comic books answers that question for us when he created a comic book which has a super hero in it such as the great machine which saves the city and becomes mayor of New York. In this fictional comic book the leader is a hero.  Link of the interview is shown below


by Fatima


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