Second Respondent to Fables I

Reading Fables Volume I, made me a lot more interested in comic books than I ever thought I’d be . I always looked at comic books as some sort of picture book that didn’t really have no meaning behind it however, this comic book in particular changed my whole view. A lot of my classmates believe that Prince Charming is such a jerk in which he is but I think that was the best way to make him. Multiple people consider Prince Charming as the “perfect and helpless romantic” and in Fables he’s prince charming not so charming. The question I have is however why did they choose to make him this way? Is it because  people expect for Prince Charming to always be the hero type? In class, we spoke on the side jokes such as Pinocchio not wanting to remain a boy for the rest of his life and wants his “balls to drop and get laid.” The humor behind this is that in our view of fairy tales this wasn’t the case, Pinocchio wanted to become a real boy and experience life as a real boy not just getting laid. This other side of fairy tales I believe is what caught my interest the most.




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