Viewpoint On Fables , Vol. 1

Having never read a comic book , Fables is one that really kept me interested . The author use of tactics kept a reader like me engaged throughout .His comical twist with the use of fairy tales was one of many brilliant ideas throughout fables , His twist with the fairy tales allowed me to recall times of my childhood that I have forgotten. Such as the story behind The beauty and the Beast , Pinocchio and the Pig with the big bad Wolf . I wonder  how many people perceive the relationship between Snow White and Bigby ? I find It very intense , I actually grew fond of their relationship after snow white came to help Bigby save Jack . I expected more within their relationship towards the end of the comic , especially at the scene with them at the roof top , I was convince there would have been a scene that would have left me with a better understanding of their relationship, but instead Snow white played the “Hard to get” game . Within the story , the author allowed the book to have different reality’s , one reality for them was New York City and there was Woodlands .Was a movie produce within your head while reading this comic ? I felt that by the author using these great strategies, it allowed us the readers to be more creative then  usual and to have our mindset expanded beyond average , It actually created a fairy tale movie in my head  which no other book has done before . I really enjoyed reading fables , hoping to read volume 2 ! because there is so much more to this comic , Vol. 1 just leaves us on a cliff hanger .

-Elom A.


One thought on “Viewpoint On Fables , Vol. 1

  1. I agree completely with the fact that the ending was a complete cliffhanger. Knowing that Snow White and Bigby have some sort of ‘on the low feelings’ makes me as a reader want to continue reading so as to figure out what really happens between them. Bill Willingham’s use of New York City as the main plot was a real twist because of the fact that we are all used to these fairytale lands and by him mixing up all these characters together made me look at the bigger picture that was Fables. Like you, I never read a comic book so this one definitely kept me interested and it kept me booked to the point where I could not put my kindle down. Do you know of the story behind Bluebeard? I just figured that one out today. The use of all these different characters had me a bit confused because I didn’t know where some of them came from, but Bills use of violence, setting and realistic relationships made Fables a great comic to read, especially as a first time comic book reader.

    -Paula G.

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