The male Gender role Shown in Fables

In Fables Gender Stereotypes are Clearly Present in situations like How Beast Is Shown in the very beginning when him And his wife are in Snow White office discussing his anger and how he is turning into a Beast When his wife gets mad with him.Also in the conversation between Big B and Pig we get lots of attitude and Sarcasm between both of them and also how he turns into a wolf when he gets angry.The only Real time Pinocchio in in the comic is when he is sitting on the couch talking to Cinderella and he is angry throughout the entire situation.Then we see Prince Charming seducing the waitress and being a jerk and Based Of our prior knowledge of fairy tales and all the females he has been married to and then we have this Comic Humanize him and basically show him as the male stereotypical sleezeball male figure.We then have bluebeard who is know to kill all his Wives and trys to kill Jack And is also Express and a Aggressive Feared character even in the comic because all the charecters know about him killing his wifes on the day of his wedding.So in this comic we see that All the male charecters are show in Negative light as jerks and Have anger issues Rather Then what we see when we imagine what was previously seen when read there fairy tale personas and how they are completely different in Fables.

Jose H ,  Jaqueline Galindo


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