Sex in Fairytales?

So you’re at a restaurant, see a cute girl and decide to ask for her number. In some cases if you’re charming enough you might get her to come back home with you. That’s what usually happens right? In Fables Volume I, this similar scenario happened where Prince Charming goes to a restaurant named Gottfrieds and sees a waitress of his interest. She willingly went home with him despite the fact that he told her he was flat out broke. In Chapter 1, he states that they “shared such a flirtation this afternoon I’m tempted to ask you for your number.” Molly the waitress replies with “I’m tempted to give it…I’m about to go off shift…tempted to ask you to come home with me right now.” However, Prince Charming then let’s her know that that isn’t really a good idea since he was panning to leave without paying. She then decides to pick up the tab and “guesses she can afford it” and out the door they go. To me this is such a typical thing that occurs because even after he filled her in on he was broke, she still decided to take him home anyways meaning that women usually don’t care if a man is broke or they can just be desperate and caught up in their “charm.”  He placed a burden on her by making her pay for his meal and she nevertheless paid and seemed quite careless about it. I’ve seen so many TV Shows and documentaries on this happening in the real world and I just never understood it. Could it be that it is just to feed one’s sexual desires or the concept of feeling that automatic connection and loneliness?



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