Sex in Fables

Reading Fables, sex is very typical where you meet a women/man; get in a conversation leading to either receiving each other’s number or eventually getting romantically involved. Its either the woman/guy is attractive and your kind of taste and you approach him/her or you ignore them because they are not your taste. In Fables Prince Charming was at a restaurant called Gottfrieds and although he has no money and was going to leave the waitress with the bill for her to pay he actually admits to her that he was going to just walk out without paying and just because he charms her and is attractive she goes home with him. It just shows how woman are portrayed, people look at woman like they are naive and even weak. Before even getting to know him she knows what kind of man he is by the simple fact he had no money to pay a simple bill and was going to walk out, so why would a woman want to go home with a man that cannot do for himself and has the audacity to leave a bill unpaid and be a criminal? What is in store for this kind of relationship between the two? After sleeping with her he leaves a note and tells her to pick up his suits, do his laundry but to make sure she reads the labels, he tells her that he helped himself to her money and her spare key and invited himself to  live with her for a couple of days.  Prince charming in fairytales is always the romantic and sweethearts who ever girls dreams to encounter in her lifetime. Fables show a side of “prince charming’s” that are not so desirable in a man and are not who you want to encounter in your lifetime.  It is simple what you expect to happen when someone meets someone and just wants to have sex.



alejandra castellon


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