Happily Never After: Beauty and The Beast

The perspective we have on fairytales  in Fables is not our ordinary happily ever after love story. As kids we expect all of our fairytales to have happy endings, this is not the case in Fables. As we read along the comic many of our childhood memories has been shown to be false. Such as the relationship between Snow White and the Prince, Beauty and The Beast, and Cinderella and the Prince. One relationship that really stood out was the Beauty and The Beast, due to the fact that most of us know Beauty was madly in love with The Beast no matter his appearance. She promised to live with him forever and to truly love him. In Fables, this was not all shown to be true. The Beauty and The Beast were facing many complicated problems within their relationship that made Beauty upset. By her being upset, it causes Beast to transform back, this sends him back to the Woodlands and kicks him out of New York City where he resides with Beauty. This exemplifies that the truth behind happily ever after does not exist due to the fact that she promised to stay with him, to love him, and live with him forever but she is ready to give up on their relationship and send him back to the Woodlands to become a beast.

-Elom A. , Michelene J.


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