Happily Ever After?

Fables: Legends of Exile takes place in a world within New York City by the name of Fable Town. One of the initial scenes presents a bloodied and trashed apartment with the words “No more Happily Ever After” on the wall. This idea is expressed through the artwork and dialogue in the whole volume. The artwork is more “realistic” with the way characters stance, its detailed face expressions,than other comic so,we can connect this story to real life and how nothing is perfect. The same effect is in the dialogue, with the dialogue being believable words that real people use. Being in this state of mind of comparing your own life to this comic, you begin to put the idea of a happily ever after not present in your life.Another example the character, Snow White is drawn and talks very uptight because of circumstances, her husband cheating on her, that we can relate to. This archetype has us remember if have become hardened due to being hurt in a similar fashion, causing us to uptight so as to not to be hurt again.

–Alexander Romero, Jasmine Sanchez




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