Fables brings a very interesting twist to our  fairy tales that we have known since children. There are many interesting aspects of the comic book including the side jokes and the way they portray the legal system they use away from their fable land. One of the best jokes was about Pinocchio and how the blue fairy turned him into a real boy. What they add in Fables is that he is a real boy who cannot grow older. He expresses his frustration to Cinderella in a very comical and colorful manner. The relationship between Bigby and the pig is also a good addition because what we know of their tale is that they are sworn enemies but in this particular fairytale they are friends and the pig occasionally  escapes from the farm to stay at Bigby’s home. The dynamic of the friendship shows they are pretty close-knit because the pig feels comfortable enough to stay with him and their banter together is just like a real friendship.

Moving onto the legal system they have outside of their real home. The one thing that jumps out is the fact that they don’t really have a functional legal system. When Bluebeard attacks Jack, he had no repercussions for his actions. In the fable world violence is handled differently from the outside world.Unlike the regular world where  people are held accountable by getting locked up in jail.As for the fable community they handle much of their own situations in a secretly manner they don’t involve judges or police officers.The fables live in a more instant justice kind of lifestyle.



2 thoughts on “Fables

  1. Another thing that the comedy that Fables adds i feel is the akward affect on audiences when there previous image of a fairy tale charecter is completely Opposed by the personalitys and vulgar sexual activities that there constanly faced with. It funny and ironic that this book basically show the after “Happily ever after” of most of our favorite books and movies .I didnt even notice the legal system but did notice the way all fairytale charecters werent equal treated like the upstate farms and the fact the pig ran away from the farm which gives us the idea that maybe the farms arent to comforting and infact more jail like While the city fairy tale charecters get to be more open and even get there own homes and get to live free.All together i think the comics Author Used the wow aspect when writing Fables in order to grab readers with stories and charecters everyone has heard of children and completly oppose the personalitys we know and be so graphic with it.

    Jose H

  2. its crazy how B. Wolf was handling the situtation when they were investigating Rose Red’s death. By just putting taking Jack into jail and accusing him of murder and attempted assault. I find it funny how Wolf didnt like Jack and just wanted an excuse to lock him up. Like the way things are done in real life, the criminal has to be questioned and go through trail and in Fables they dont do that they handle their situation more privately. B. Wolf was questioning him in jail without asking him if he needs a lawyer, but at the end of everything Wolf knew what he was doing from the very beginning and solved the case quickly. He kept it all a secret since he enter the crime scene. The way Blue Bread just walked right into jail to try to find out if Jack was the one who killed Red Rose while he was armed with a knife to make Jack bled the truth is insane, that would never even happen in real life. Maybe we change our justice system.

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