Fables Bigby

In Fables, there’s a point where Jack leads Bigby and Snow White to the crime scene where her sister, Rose Red, was supposedly murdered.  On their way up the stairs, Bigby takes some time out to speak with Snow white. Up to this point in the story, Bigby is seen as a level headed detective but his shadow shows otherwise.  This invokes the idea of a modern vampire. With modern vampires, they have an outer shell that resembles a normal human but there is more than meets the eye. In front of a mirror, a vampire lacks a reflection. This is due to the fact that they are deceased. Their spirit seems to be what other characters interact with. Since they lack a true physical form, they lack a reflection. Bigby’s shadow was that of the “Big Bad Wolf.” Even though his body language can be seen as passive, his shadows shows otherwise.  The wolf shown does not display this same relaxed state. It’s ears are retracted and it’s mouth is open. This can be seen as an aggressive stance. Similar to a modern vampire, it seems as if the author is trying to project that things are not as they appear. Does this possibly foreshadow upcoming events?

Tyler & Adrian


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