Deeper into Snow

In Fables Volume 1 Snow White is characterized as a strong, strict, and level headed women who has a low tolerance for the troubles that present themselves, However there is an underlying layer of submissive behavior in Snows character as well. Her role as “Director of Operations” suggests the mind set that Bill Willingham has put in place for her.

In the scene where Beauty and Beast are arguing about their relationship and how he is transforming back into beast form. They are expecting Snow to help them sort out this problem but by her body language and tone you can tell she is very dismissive of their problem and portrays a strong insensitive demeanor, almost expecting them to dismiss themselves and deal with it on there own. You can also get a more literal sense of this by her saying “As sympathetic as i am to your troubles, I cant be of any help to you”. What is interesting is that in old fairytale Snow White is portrayed as an innocent little girl who will help anyone and has sympathy for even a potential enemy.  We feel that Bill Willingham has made Snow White a strong outer Character  however the scene where Snow apologizes for crying can suggest a very opposite demeanor of her character.  going further into her emotions seems like a problem for her which makes us wonder if there is more to Snow’s Story .


-Lauren Randazzo, HoChun Li, Fatima Reda


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