Clues to Uncover the Mysterious Use of Violence

In chapter one on page 27, it illustrates the bloody crime scene where Rose Red, Snow Whites sister, was supposedly murdered. The crime scene was set up in a way that made us readers think that something terrible had happened, but had small details that show that the crime could have been staged. The placement of Rose Red’s furniture, the blood and the message on the wall all made Bigby suspicious of someone from Fables being guilty. Based on Bigby’s investigation, he realizes that certain items in the home were placed instead of trashed. Not everything was broken the way it should have when it fell on the floor, and many items were still intact and not splattered with blood the way everything else in Rose Reds living room was. One dead giveaway to Bigby that the crime was staged was the fact that there were no footprints or the fact that Jack stated that he looked everywhere for Rose Red once he discovered the bloody apartment and none of his footprints were visible either.  He also notices that the lamp was full of blood which was dropped on the floor, but the lamp wasn’t broken. After Bigby investigated Rose Reds apartment he recreated the crime scene in an apartment in the floor under hers, which in real life would be a smart thing to do so that the original scene would not be disturbed, police use 3D surfaces and immersive 360 degree images to recreate crime scenes. The use of violence in Fables during the bloody crime scene although not shown shows the flaws in the plan of the ‘murderer’ and the real details of the crime are presented to the jury in real life but to the citizens of Fables in the comic. In real life, the detective would show his results of the crime scene to a courtroom with a jury and witnesses, but in Fables, Bigby reveals his findings to everyone after the Rememberance date. Bill Willingham uses Bigby as the detective who used  real life procedures and a very strong nose to solve the crime.  All in all the use of violence was very well used in that the bloody crime was well done but not well enough to fool Bigby the great detective.

-Marilyn, Curtis & Paula


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