Beginners perspective on Fables V1/Comics

Fables, Legends in Exile is actually the first comic I have ever read. Not to offend anyone, but growing up I saw reading comics as kind of nerdy.  Although I’ve always loved the movie versions of comics that are becoming more and more popular, probably due to modern day technology like CGI, I was never curious enough to go pick one up and learn the history of these characters. After getting caught up in this story I can honestly say i feel like I missed out. The drawings bring the story to life and basically puts your imagination to paper. In some parts you can guess whats going on just by looking at their facial expressions and their surroundings. I probably sound like I never heard of comic books, I have and my older brother had shoe boxes filled with them. I’m just sort of surprised at how much I liked reading it. Bill Willingham cleverly tied in childhood fairy tales with adult content. I’m sure for many people who know the stories it brought you back to your childhood of reading these books, and for some of us older folk,  watching the movies on VHS. In the beginning I found myself having to reread pages, but after a short while my eyes naturally began to flow with the story. I found it interesting how the characters wardrobes matched what we would normally see in our real life society. When you see a detective in movies he usually has that trench coat with 5 o’clock shadow and an ash tray overflowing with cigarettes. I also noticed, although she was still pretty busty, he made Snow White look more like a respectable businesswoman compared to the other woman in the story who wore more revealing clothing like Ms. Beauty. Then you had Jack with the bad boy image with his hair in a pony tail and graphic tees sort of like a rebel. Prince Charming had the sophisticated well kept look, even though he was flat broke, to keep up with his persona. You can get caught up in the biases of comic books if you’re not familiar with them but i feel this was well written with an OK plot even though the murder mystery was predictable to me. I can’t wait to continue reading.

-Jonathan Carrion


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