A Short Analysis on Prince Charming:

The Prince Charming we all know from fairy tales is this brave, gallant man who comes in the end to pretty much “save the day”. What we see in Fables, is a totally different character: in short, a perfect pathetic womanizer who leeches money and favors from ladies in order to survive in stead of finding himself a decent living.  There’s hardly any depth to this character at all, in the sense that, he just “charms” the ladies and takes advantage of them. We can also observe his dubious morals with the fact that he’s cheated on Snow White with her very sister! (no guilt about it whatsoever). He’s portrayed as unscrupulous and rather sloppy in his pursue of money. On chapter two he takes money from the waitress’ purse and leaves her a note with precise instructions on how to do his laundry and pick up his dry cleaners after stealing away without so much as a ‘thank you’ or a ‘ goodbye’. Then again, later in this chapter, he has a meeting with Snow White and tells her how he plans to sell his title in order to get money from it. Not exactly a character of deep firm beliefs…

In conclusion, he’s a cliche of the Casanova, going after every woman he can and not exactly with love his main motivation, contrasting deeply with the model of faithfulness and integrity of his former self.  Someone you’re better off losing rather than finding.

Frantz Metellus & Alejandro Marino




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