Maggie’s response fables vol.1

Fables volume.1 is a very interesting comic book.I personally have never read comic books at all in my life.I found the book to be very interesting and filled with excitement with the characters and the way the story was created.The book’s mystery kept me in tuned as the reader.The part i found to be most interesting is when the detective(bigby) was attempting to solve the murder case of rose red. When in fact at the end of the book rose was alive the whole time and created her own murder scene with her boyfriend jack.As the reader i could not predict what the outcome was going to be and that’s what made the book so good.Also the many different characters that were in the book such as pinocchi , snow white ,and the beast were a good mixture to add to the fable novel because it reminded me of my childhood addition,i like the way the story was set up and the way the drawings in the book looked.I hope that more comic books will be created like this and will encourage people to get into reading comics.I have a different view on comic books after reading this particular comic it made me want to read more comics in the near future.However, if i had something to say negative about this comic it would be that they should have made the mystery a little harder to crack for the characters in the book.At one point i felt like the case was just solved out of the blue with snows comment about “the caterers”. Overall the book was still very good and enjoyable.

Maggie cruz


One thought on “Maggie’s response fables vol.1

  1. Responders:
    I thought comic book were for kids or it was boring (at first). After reading Fables I also have a different view on comic books. I think this was a great way to introduce comic just because it brought back that childhood memory and it was easy to read and understand. The childhood characters like Snow White and Rose Red completely different and not so innocent like we remember them. But most surprising thing was Prince Charming is a ‘player’ and Snow White was raped by the seven dwarfs. I wonder what else was not told to us. When I first read this I was so distracted by the pictures because there was a lot of details. In comics pictures are worth a lot of words. Its amazing how in one scene the character could be saying a few words but just looking at the picture or even the context of the words you can understand it in full details. Your right it was very random how White mentioned something about the “kitchen” and Bigby was able to solve the mistery . It was interesting, who would have thought Rose Red was behind it all. She and her parnter were storing blood in the freezer. It was wild to know Red partied ever weekend and Charming was getting it on with some random chick he met at the diner. In my opinion I love this book because as a grown up this doesn’t compare to the childhood stories we grew up with at all, it was Rated R

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