General overview on fables volume 1 by mary

Well,am actually not a fun of comic books and reading in general but i think am loving this particular one.Fables as a general term is related to a story typically with animals as characters conveying a moral,thus a definition from my new american oxford dictionary.The part i find very funny is the accent of the beast using “th” for ‘s’ which i sometimes dont get it.Also i dont think beauty,thus the beast wife would have started the the issue  of seven dwarves to the deputy major which is snow white if they actually knew it was a thorn in her flesh causing a premature end to their conversation with her.I would describe Molly as a bad employee by accepting a fake check in the first place from prince charming,just to have her way to him,and it was soo funny when those two kids were eavesdropping to the moans of molly while she was having a gud time with prince charming in her room.I  think Biggs was trying to arrive at something with his suspicion with Jack when he was kind of starting a fight with Biggs and resisting the arrest,sounds interesing with the pigs misunderstanding and refusal to go back to the animal farm.Generally,i like the few pages i have read and i think its interesting and soo curious on the next pages,thus the rest of the story.

Mary Afua Asantewah- marasanty




One thought on “General overview on fables volume 1 by mary

  1. RESPONSE: I absolutely love Fables. It’s amazing!!What interests me most about Fables is that it’s not like the usual fairy tales where the characters all have a happily ever after, it’s a comic book that gives these fairy tale characters real world problems. For example in the beginning we are introduced to the Beauty and the Beast who are having marital problems so they go to Snow White seeking advice or counseling which I find quite humorous .We were also introduced to Jack from Jack and the beanstalk and the big bad wolf or Mr. Wolf .I do find it strange that the Fables have to be separated .like if they aren’t human they have to go to the farm were all the non-human Fables are. In order to not be relocated to the farm they must actually purchase a concealing spell called Glamour from the witches. If you can’t afford it then it seems that the Fable is out of may seem crude but that’s how life is sometimes the people who have the money can do as they wish but the people who don’t are more limited as to what they can and cant do I think Fables is very interesting because of the art work the characters that are in it and the reality of the story line. The artwork really captures the reader’s attention. It sure captured mine. So far I’m interested in continuing to read it and actually want to finish reading it because I don’t usually like reading but it’s a comic and although I haven’t seen a comic since I was a child I think it’s far more better than reading something full of words.

    —-Luis Geldres

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