Deep Though of Fables 1

At first, I was like “this book is going to be boring” but while I was reading I couldn’t stop reading it. Also, i was confused because I didn’t know where to read, I mean that it is a little bit confuse to keep the connection on every text. However, it is true that you have to play with the reading and let the reading drive you and tell you what read next. I though that I was not going to be interesting in reading this book but is really good and it take the attention of the reader. However, I haven’t finish reading it yet but for what I have already read is not so difficult to understand what the characters are talking about. It is more interesting and make me want to read the whole book because I want to find out what happen with Rose. Is all a mystery and take more my attention. Some questions that i have now are Why rose kept her relationship with Bluebeard in secret? Was she planing to do something with this? Will this book have a good end or bad end?  Is really nice reading a book and at the same time have the illustration of each scene so i can understand more. For example, I think the Rose’s room with blood all over it was a little bit exaggerated but I think that if the book doesn’t express that  way the book will not be interesting. However, for some people can be disgusting all this scenes or imagines.  Also, another question that comes in my mind is Why Mr, Wolf is so interesting in the investigation and there is no one else who can help him? Is something else behind of what Wolf is doing? To end, I really like this book and i will keep reading it until finish it.

By Jaqueline Galindo – JaquelineGalindo


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