General thoughts in the mind of Alejandra

Well reading Fables Volume 1, I first of cannot believe I am actually interested in the comic. I actually enjoy seeing the picture and the whole idea about feeling like it’s for little kids or whatever does not apply to me anymore, I like that you can actually see what you’re reading in such depth (my imagination would have not illustrated all that is in the pictures) and its sort of fun not having to read it like a book where it’s all in a straight line and instead it’s in bubbles and different places (breaking rules!). I was thinking about Snow white’s sister and her apartment being all bloody, first of all I thought that was a little exaggerating BUT I cannot wait to find out what is the story behind her apartment being a wreck, I also wonder if her sister had anything to do with what has occurred.  I also cannot believe that “prince charming” is such a LOSER. It is really sad the way he lives his life having to live off of a woman. So far with women (snow-white, the beasts wife beauty, and the woman prince charming took home) they are all in bad relationships or where. Snow white’s ex was in town and beauty’s marriage is currently in a bad point with them not being able to have enough money to survive and the woman prince charming took home is a big mess bringing a guy she just met to have sex. She let a stranger come into her home obviously that does mean that she had had problem with men and there are issues going on with her. I just cannot wait to keep reading this comic!!!! 


Alejandra Castellon – alejandracastellon


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