Hi there all,

booksJust a few things that we might discuss when we have a conversation about Scott McCloud’s Understanding Comics on Tuesday. Keep in mind that these are simply some of the ideas that popped into my head – I assume you all will have your own points to add to the conversation as well, so don’t hesitate to share them when we meet next.


  • What are some of the biases that might exist in regards to comics/graphic narratives?
  • What definition of “comics” does McCloud eventually arrive at? Do you think this definition works? What, if any, are the limitations?
  • What makes comics unique from other narrative forms?
  • What examples does he provide to argue that comics is not a recent phenomena?
  • How are emotions and cues for our senses depicted in comics?
  • What kinds of collisions and combinations are embedded in comics, as discussed in chapter 6?
  • Do you think comics is art (according to McCloud on page 163, this is a very stupid question I’m asking)?
  • What is the artistic process, as per McCloud?
  • What role does color play in comics (even though you can’t see the colors in chapter 8, because I only had access to a black-and-white scanner – sorry!)?
  • Do you see all the possibilities for comics that McCloud outlines in the final chapter? Do you think he is over-stating the potential of the form?

Happy comic reading,



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